An instant messaging service application, a multi-functional YunlianTong wallet

In 2019, WDG has been researching and developing YunLianTong wallet, which is not only a tool for information exchange, but also carrying the functions of instant messaging, online payment, e-commerce, digital video, digital wallets and so on



 YunLianTong wallet supports across communication operators, fast delivery of free text messaging, voice messaging, video, pictures and text over the network across operating system platform (with taking a small amount of network traffic). And at the same time,  data sharing streaming media content and location-based social plug-ins, “moments”, “public platforms” and other service plug-ins can also be used.

Users can also use the app to make daily online payments, store and send cryptocurrencies, and conduct online shopping through e-commerce platforms.

YunLianTong Wallet

 Users can store or transfer a variety of digital encryption assets, P2P transactions and online fast chain transactions through the platform’s digital wallet. It also supports red envelopes, rewards and money transfers in all major currencies.

YunLianTong Pay

YunLianTong Pay is a payment function integrated in YunLianTong Pay client. Users can complete a fast payment process through their mobile phones. YunLianTong Pay provides users with safe, fast and efficient payment services based on fast payment with bank CARDS.

YunLianTong Public Platform

Through this platform, users of the public platform of YunLianTong can create a yunliantong group for both individuals and enterprises. The group number can be up to 2000 people, and in this group,you can send text, picture and voice content.

YunLianTong Moments

 Users of YunLianTong moments can publish text and pictures through moments, and they can share articles or music to moments through other software. Users can also “comment” or “like” new photos posted by friends.

YunLianTong Support payment scenarios:

YunLianTong public platform payment, APP (third-party application mall) payment, QR code scanning payment, credit card payment, user displays bar code for merchant to scan and complete the payment.

Users only need to bind any financial institution (bank card) in YunLianTong, complete the identity authentication, and the smartphone with YunLianTong application can be turned into a universal wallet. Users can then purchase the partner merchant’s goods and services. Users only need to enter the password on their smart phone to pay without any step of card swiping. The whole process is simple and smooth.


This platform fully inherits the familiar social software usage pattern, rich massive experience, strong expansibility, which has been widely concerned by social users.

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